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5 Tips for Optimizing WordPress Websites for Search Engines

In this day and age, SEO is becoming a focal point for marketing efforts done by site developers. The opportunity to get ranked on Google and other major search engines will bring in more traffic. When developing a wordpress website, you should therefore take SEO into consideration.

Below are SEO tips you can incorporate into your wordpress website design:

Optimize web content. In the world of SEO, content is still king. Focus on building quality, unique and well-optimized content when working with wordpress website Melbourne developer. The content should be readable and useful for human readers, not just search engine bots.

Add keywords to image files. This is another way you can get your WordPress website to rank quickly. Don’t forget to tag the images you use on your post. And keep them relevant to the content of your website.

Customize your permalinks. When you use your targeted keywords on permalinks, they also boost your website’s SEO. As a bonus, it lets human readers know what the page is about before even visiting it.

Build a sitemap. This is one of the best ways to boost internal search engine optimization for your website. The best wordpress website Berwick developers can help you set up a sitemap. It is easy to do and good for your SEO.

Avoid flash! This is a no-no when developing your website for SEO purposes. Flash is not only unprofessional, it also reduces the loading speed of your website. Therefore, your website’s visitors will find it annoying. Flash is also virtually invisible to Google and other major search engines so it does not bring any benefit whatsoever.

Remember these five basic SEO tips when building your WordPress site for optimum results.

Top 10 Security Tips for WordPress Websites

With more than 20% of websites on the cyberspace running WordPress including a couple of Wordpress websites Berwick installations, security challenges are inevitable and Wordpress websites Berwick has today are generally the targets of numerous hack attacks.

Many people who rely on Wordpress web design rarely make efforts to secure their websites. Often, the developer lacks the security expertise to implement robust security installation on the website. Securing your WordPress websites, however, doesn’t cost much and there are various steps that you can undertake in addressing some of the basic security holes in your WP installations. These include the following:

1. Run the latest WordPress version on your web design Berwick installation as every update comes with improvements in the security settings.

2. Run the latest versions of WordPress plugins and themes in order to ensure you are not exposed to the vulnerabilities of outdated plugins and templates. Some of the best WordPress security plugins include iTheme Security, All In One WP Security and Firewall, BulletProof Security and Securi Security amongst others.

3. Choose themes and plugins selectively:  Vet every plugin and avoid installing unnecessary ones. You will reduce chances of attack by getting rid of those plugins that you don’t need.

4. Server Protection: Server hardening is one of the best ways of ensuring the security of your WordPress website. It is advisable to provide the latest server software versions as well as antivirus and backup software.

5. Avoid directory listings as they could exploit vulnerabilities in the server, plugin or theme and expose Wordpress websites Berwick installations to attacks.

6.Use complex passwords for your WordPress website logins. Have a restricted access to the WordPress wp-admin directory. You can also do password protection through a layer of HTTP authentication.

7. Back Up Your WordPress Website: The best favor that you could do yourself if you own a WordPress website is to backup your site. This will ensure that some hack attack will not wipe out your entire website. Some of the best WordPress backup plugins include BackupBuddy and VaultPress.

8. Disable File Editing: WordPress allows admins to edit the PHP files of themes and plugins. Unfortunately, hackers may also exploit the same to launch attacks.

9. Enable HTTPS for wp-admin and all logins: The WordPress logins are amongst the most sensitive areas of website and SSL needs to be enforced here.

10. Have restricted access to PHP files of the plugins and themes.

These simple basic WordPress security measures will considerably increase the security of your WordPress websites.

Top 10 Web Design Principles for Effective Websites

If you want your website to stand out among the rest, then you must embrace effective principles that web design Berwick companies observe. Since your website provides a connection between you and your online visitors, its usability is quite important. Therefore, how can you make your website more effective by implementing design principles? Here is how:

Purpose: Let your website have a clear purpose to cater to the needs of users. Each page should fill a specific need of the user.

Communicate: Web users want information fast. Therefore, make it easy for them by communicating clearly, using headlines, bullet points, and avoiding long winding sentences.

Use the right font: Use fonts that are easier to read on the screen such as Verdana or Arial.

Use color: Color enhances user experience. Use variety, vibrant colors, and a white space to give your site a modern look.

Include images: They speak volumes of information. Use info graphics and videos to make it more engaging. Contact a web design studio in Berwick for more information about this.

Navigation: This implies how easy the site is for your users to explore. Include clickable buttons, breadcrumbs, and page hierarchy to make this possible.

Apply grid-based layout: This makes your website easy to explore. Use columns, sections, and colored boxes to enhance user participation.

Apply F-pattern design: Most web users see what is on the left side, top, and bottom of the website. Arrange information in a manner that matches users’ visual experience. Consult companies in the web design Melbourne industry for more information.

Maximize on load time: No one wants a slow loading website. Optimize image sizes in terms of scale and size to ensure that your site loads in real time.

Make it mobile friendly: Most web users have mobile gadgets to access information. Optimize your site to suit that platform and you can get more clicks.

By implementing these principles observed in the web design Berwick industry, you can enhance usability of your website greatly.

Why a Responsive Website is a Must-Have for Your Business in 2014

Most businesses operating in the 21st century are finding themselves in a post-PC world where the mobile devices are increasingly taking the role of the desktop computers. Go to any public place and you will find almost everyone flipping smartphones or tablets to do everything from reading emails to sending emails, reading news or even communicating via Skype. This trend means that an increasing number of consumers are also accessing the internet and websites via mobile.

This brings a new variable for companies that are building the web pages: they must take into account the different screen resolution sizes for the devices which consumers will use to access their web pages. This necessitates an investment in the responsive web design techniques which will render the websites uniformly different screen resolution sizes.

Because many businesses rely on their websites to generate leads, sales and also improve revenues, having a mobile responsive web design Berwick service enables consumers to expand their revenue base and tap broadly into those customers that access the internet exclusively using their mobile phones. This is particularly important in a market like Australia where the vast majority of mobile users target use smartphones. Getting a responsive website design Berwick that is design invariant is therefore one of the main prudent investments which you can make for your business.

What are responsive websites?

Responsive website design refers to a newly evolved technique of crafting websites that offers users optimal viewing experience on a wide range of devices that have different screen resolutions. The viewing experience of the responsive websites will be optimised for all devices including the laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets amongst others. The main advantage of these adjustments to the screen resolutions is that it provides an enhancement in the user experience irrespective of the screen resolutions of the devices used in making the website. An enhanced user experience is good for marketing your products and services and improving the branding prospects for your business.

The responsive websites are usually built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. The queries in the cutting-edge web development technology automatically detect the screen size and present and optimised web design Berwick solution that offers the best viewing experience. The main imperative for adopting the responsive design is to provide accessibility to the greatest number of users not only in Berwick but also in the greater Australian market.

The Responsive Design Advantage

The biggest advantage of the responsive web design is that it allows for a progressive or graceful adjustment of your website to multiple screen resolutions. Every user is therefore able to get the best viewing experience for your website. Looks matter and responsive design enables to get uniform rendering of the website on all devices. If your website is a sales or leads generation channel, then responsive design allows you to generate sales from multiple channels. Your Berwick website can therefore look good and function well across all devices.

Another significant advantage of going the responsive route is that it frees you from the need to build separate mobile sites or microsites specifically designed for mobile viewing. In the past, companies built lighter .MOBI sites dedicated to mobile viewing. Responsive design eliminates the need for this as the full-fledged design can gracefully adjust itself to provide an optimal viewing experience.

Everyone is adopting responsive web design

The “bandwagon effect” is not always a good justification for adopting something new but when it comes to the evolution of technologies, it helps to join the bandwagon. For the third year in row, the responsive website design techniques have remained as the top web design trends. Jumping on this trend will give you a massive competitive edge in your niche; at least if your competitors have not yet adopted the progressive enhancement principles in their websites.

Making your business websites mobile-ready

The best way to go mobile in this decade is by adopting the responsive design techniques. A good web design Berwick service provides custom design solutions that can help you build fully responsive websites or update the existing websites to give them a responsive format. In 2014, having a best practice is no longer an option but a best practice which you must put into consideration when looking for professional web design services.

Responsive Design is the Future of the Mobile Web

Using mobile-based sites such as the once popular WAP sites is like making use of the 1998 HTML in an age of the cutting edge HTML5. Many websites will be built in the coming years which will be mobile-friendly and they will all be based on the responsive design. This is why web design for businesses in Berwick is increasingly having the responsive component.

Five Web Design Tips To Make Your Website Simple Yet Unique

5 expert web design berwick tips

Websites are being launched in the thousands each day. However, a lot of these websites are easily forgettable, while some are downright unpleasant. So now, the challenge that each web design Berwick expert faces is how to create websites that are simple, yet unique. While there are hundreds of design tips available on the net, it all boils down to these five simple key points that you should never forget on your next project.

1. Focus On The Content

The reason why people go to your website is because they are in search for something. Whether it’s information, ideas, or a particular product or service, visitors are often after content when it comes to websites. They’re not there because they’re awed by your button hover animations, or because they’re tantalised by the flash animations on your home page.

When it comes to content versus visuals, stick to the 80-20 rule. The website should be 80 percent content, and 20 percent visuals. While visuals certainly help make a website more appealing to the eyes of the viewer, it should not in anyway impede their original purpose for being there. Flashy, active-X navigation screens might seem fancy, but if they break or the user’s computer doesn’t support such elements, it might prevent them from getting to the particular page they want.

The more elements your page has, the more time it takes to load each page. This is okay if you simply want to cater to people with high-speed internet connections and the latest hardware. However, loading times may take forever on slower computers, and if visitors have to wait for each page to load, they might leave and go somewhere else.

2. Spacing Is Important

One basic element in website design Berwick companies have is proper spacing. After all, you can’t just chunk in all website content into a page and expect it to work. Just like newspapers, layout is extremely important. Try to get the most important and essential elements (both content and visuals) into a page’s upper folds. Upper fold is what the viewer sees as soon as the page loads, without the need to scroll down.

Remember to pick only the most important parts. Just because the upper fold is important, doesn’t mean you have to cram everything in there. Give viewers the important parts and make them interested enough to scroll down. But remember never to overload your visitor with visuals or information.

3. Don’t Alienate Visitors

As a web designer, you may want to make use of flash controls, java scripts and other elements to make a page look more advanced. However, the more specific you get when it comes to page elements, the narrower your visitor pool becomes. This is because simple designs are guaranteed to work for all browsers and platforms, while advanced elements might look different, depending on the viewer’s browser or screen resolution. If you don’t want to alienate visitors you have to conduct tests on each browser, in different resolutions to make sure your website looks the same across all platforms. You may use a good web design studio in Berwick or other free tools that help check for platform inconsistencies.

You also have to think about your visitors. Some of them may be on slow computers or have bad Internet connections. Some may have outdated plug-ins on their computers. If so, most of your page elements may not even load for them.

4. Smooth Navigation Is The Key

Smooth navigation is an important aspect of web design Berwick or any busy city across the continent. All pages must have a direct link back to the main page, and all important pages must be accessible from the main page. For better click-through, make sure that related pages are linked together by placing related links at the bottom or side bar of each page.

Another thing that helps with smooth navigation is the search bar. Even if you efficiently link the pages of your website together, some users still prefer to use the search bar when they’re searching for a particular information. So make sure your search bar is up front and center.

5. Too Much Is Too Much

While there are page elements that can be beneficial to a website when used properly, other elements should be limited while others not at all. One element that should be used sparingly is images. Even if you own a photography blog, or an online shop with a product catalog, you must know how to use images properly. With product catalogs, remember to set the least number of items per page to decrease page loading times. Flash is another element that should be restricted in use, unless absolutely necessary.

Music, or background music in particular, should never be used. If visitors wanted to listen to music while viewing your page, they will have their own playlist on their computer. Even if you own a music website, this is a no-no. If you really must have music on your website, embed a music player on the page and never put it on autoplay.

While there are even more handy tips on web design Berwick available, these are the most basic ones. As you can see, the recurring theme for these five tips is simplicity. Keep your web page design Berwick site clean and simple. Sure, you can throw in something unique just to keep the website from being boring, but keep these radical bursts of “creativity” in check and you will do just fine.

Optimise Your Online Performance with a Web Design Berwick Service

Welcome to the Berwick web design services portfolio. We have been a leading provider of comprehensive web design and development services for businesses in the Berwick area and the greater Australia. Customers come to us for our bespoke web design services for the local companies. Our staff is known for their versatility in working with a great variety of web design technologies to develop robust, user-friendly, navigable and reliable web portals to help you display your products and services on the online shop-fronts. We cover web design services ranging from the simple WordPress designs to the most up to date responsive web design techniques.  Some off the key web design technologies that we work with include:

  • Content Management Systems or CMSs including WordPress and Joomla.
  • Javascript
  • PHP scripting
  • ASP scripting
  • JQuery applications

Choosing the right web design Berwick service can be a daunting task but we have an excellent portfolio of web design projects that we have built that offer a great insight into the quality of services that we offer our customers.  We offer a diverse array of designs and styles ranging from minimalist web designs to the most robust websites to meet the unique needs for every customer. All our websites are custom designed. We can pick concepts from customers and come up with the right kind of designs that the customers are actually looking for. As a customer, you will be involved in every step of the design process to ensure the final product reflects your wishes. Most of our customers are usually 100% satisfied with the websites that we build them.

Apart from the web design in Berwick services that we offer our customers, we also provide our customers with cutting edge web development services to ensure their online portals are up to date with the latest web technologies and also stay ahead of the curve of their competitors thanks to our superior web development expertise and technologies.

Depending on the specific functions that you need for your website, you can choose from a wide array of website designs that we offer including brochure websites, CMS-based websites, responsive website design that can be viewed in a multiplicity of devices, flash websites and even eCommerce web design in Berwick services. The “brochure” websites are simple static web pages that contain basic information about your organisation. The other forms of web design Berwick services are more elaborate and dynamic and can be updated on a frequent basis.  The Responsive web design techniques are the latest trends in design and use a process of progressive enhancement that renders your site uniformly across all viewing platforms including mobile devices. If you would like to sell your products and services online, you can sign up for our ecommerce web design Berwick services. We have a development team with considerable experience in building robust and high performing eCommerce portals and storefronts to help display your merchandise in an elegant manner to your customers.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to help your business keep up with the growing competition, don’t hesitate to procure Berwick web design services today!

Hiring an Experienced Web Development Firm

Are you looking for web development in Berwick and are a startup or medium size business? WPM Digital is a Web development Berwick company that can rid you off the burden of hundreds of hours of code and design work. Whether you want a customised E-commerce site or a mini web application for your iPhone target audience, the experts at WPM have the skill set to provide such solutions and much more.

Arguably hiring a Web development Berwick company like WPM Digital may be perceived as expensive especially by startups. This is quite well understood of the struggles small businesses go through on the onset, hence the website developer Berwick team at WPM does not ask for payment upfront but instead offers a payment plan that is practical and achievable to startups. With this plan small businesses don’t have to be left out from benefiting from WPM’s website services that are usually of industrial standard and done with best practices.

Comprised of seasoned experts in the field of web design and development, you can expect to get a systematic professional approach to the implementation of the web development service chosen. The company offers a range of web services such as:

Web development – As a client they will ensure there will be a systematic build-up to the final product. Meaning, apart from the communication that will be there at every stage of development, the developers will involve you in the four phases of the development which are: planning, design, development and testing. This technique has been known to give confidence to the client and gain credibility on the side of the company.

Web design – By hiring this Web development Berwick company, you will have the benefit of getting a website or web application interface that achieves a good user experience that is key to success online. Offering a good user experience to users of your website or web application requires certain design features such as the ability to download, bookmark, subscribe as well as click on an advertisement. You can be sure to get these features and plenty more up and running by partnering with WPM.

Email marketing – This is by far the most effective and affordable way to market online after search engine marketing. Many companies are adapting to it because of its ability to reach out to previous clients and potential customers on their mail lists.

iPhone applications – WPM digital also offers iPhone development which is ideal for companies who would want to target iPhone users. Web applications such as iPhone apps are better suited for small devices than traditional websites because of size of screen and the fact that iPhone’s Safari Operating system is configured to display these web applications.

Search Engine Optmisation – Inherent of most proficient website development Berwick companies is the ability to offer optimisation services for their client’s websites. By partnering with WPM you can expect no less than a well optimised website that will attract more customers and influence many conversions.

WPM is not just limited to the services above but also offers Online Payment Integration, CMS development, Virtual Tours and Online Games development.

Web Design for Mobile – Factors to Consider

Gone are the days of the fixed 960-pixel width for web design. The current market for computers, smart phones and tablets is a setting where a website is required to function in diverse screen sizes. For instance, the desktop is over 2,000 pixels in width while certain mobile phones are just 400 pixels or even smaller.

Our society is now living in a mobile phone prevalent world where almost large majority of browsing is done using mobile devices. A mobile compatible website is specifically designed for mobile devices that aims to give users a similar experience to using a desktop computer. If the user visits a website using a mobile phone, he will be redirected to a mobile compatible website version that is optimised for smaller screens. For example, when you go to the URL, you will notice that it automatically changes to This is due to the fact that you were redirected to a specific site for designed for mobile browsing.

Right now, most websites are completely unsuitable for mobile viewing. They are either too heavy and takes a long time to load or the page goes out of alignment because it’s squashed onto a smaller screen. However, a large number of businesses are also currently releasing mobile versions of their websites which results in higher website traffic.

If you are going to have a web design for mobile, you must consider the specific design processes for specific mobile devices as well as the limits. For instance, a tablet like the iPad can accommodate the entire site but a smartphone can’t. Hence, you must be able to design for both resolutions to be able to provide the best experience for the user.

This variation in the density size of the pixels, not to mention the different browsers in various operating systems became a major factor that made the industry rethink users’ website experience. Here are some tips on web design for mobile and some common problems with their solutions:


What are your website objectives now? What are your website objectives for the future? Building something that will suit future resolution options from the beginning is more cost effective than building something that will require complete redesigning whenever a new technology pops up. It is better to define your immediate and long term mobile website needs without disregarding the pros and cons of investing in a site that works across a variety of devices.

Device Variety

Knowing the variety of devices that people use to view your website on is another key element especially for the design process and the mobile website strategy. It is not safe to assume that just because many people have smartphones that everyone else also does. A mobile device that has internet facility is supported by different platforms and operating systems such as Android, iOS (Apple) and RIM (Blackberry). Therefore, consider looking into what devices your target audience is using by doing research or with the help of analytics. Consulting analytics will be very useful in determining the devices to focus on especially in terms of operating system, version or screen size. You can actually see all these website statistics in Google analytics.

Knowing what device your target audience mostly uses will let you know what factor for web design for mobile should be altered. For example, you can consider your site’s screen size or resolution for your website design for iPad. For the iPad’s high pixel density, it is practical to use large-sized elements and a generous amount of space because clarity will always overpower density. On the other hand, some of your users may be using a smartphone with a smaller screen and you must not deny them the experience just because of their phone’s screen size. You can try using certain enhancement techniques for your website so that it can support a wider variety of environments.

Platform Diversity

Today, mobile devices are used almost anywhere and everywhere and for the same reason why people use a desktop and these may be supported by various platforms and operating systems such as Android, iOS (Apple) and RIM (Blackberry). When it comes to operating systems, each has a set of user interface (UI) and interaction principles the users are used to. Therefore, you cannot just take your iOS-optimised website and use it for Android. You should recognize that each operating system is different and conduct mobile web design testing across multiple platforms.

However, building separate sites for desktop and mobile or smartphones and tablets must be avoided because in the long run these will be more costly and time-consuming to maintain as it means doing modified ones for different devices. Thus, building something that will work on as many devices and platforms as possible will provide you with the most practical set-up for focusing your budget and resources on the content rather than the maintenance.


When it comes to content, it is a strong argument that the desktop version should be reflected on your mobile website due to the notion that people use their mobile devices for the same tasks as on desktops. Also, it is safe to assume that people are used to navigating the desktop version of your site and they might find it difficult to do the usual task they do on your site if the mobile version is substantially different, both structurally and visually, from what they are used to. So, keeping the core contents the same and keeping in mind that the user will move from one device to another or one platform to another are the keys here to make the users experience worthwhile on your site – be it on the desktop or on mobile.

On the other hand, keeping the core contents the same doesn’t mean you can’t optimise your web design for mobile. Actually, both should be optimised in terms of content display and interactions where appropriate. There is obviously a great opportunity provided by mobile for the innovation of an even better and more tailored experience than on desktop. Moreover, when optimising for your content, avoid overlays and pop-ups because they delay the user from getting to your real content. Sometimes, they pose usability issues wherein your users can no longer close these overlays.

Another thing to avoid is the overwhelming sets of media exchanges and interactions which can make your site unconventional and can even overpower your content. Your content is more important so make sure that your cinematic design can place the focus on your content. To avoid type of problem, feature your contents over the user interface (UI). Sell your brand’s identity. Also, old or simple UIs are not outdated, they are traditional and convenient. When doing website design for iPad, ask yourself, “Is the UI more handy and convenient to use or is it just richer?”

On the other hand, be wary of the possible design-interaction clash. Sometimes the mobile app’s design clashes with the interaction’s design. For example, Apple Calendar looks like it can be swiped but the pages cannot be. Some controls are placed at the bottom which makes them too far and too small to be hit. Your UI must be in sync with how your app is supposed to be used, so avoid mixing metaphors. The tablet can do lots of things like a computer, a book, etc. Just pick a single route to use. Offer people the use-and-touch experience rather than the mainstream menus or buttons.

To avoid the clashing of your web design for mobile and its interaction, avoid mixing metaphors and focus on a single one. Give the user hints and touch prompts and use digital advantages.

Flash Compatibility

Using Flash will cause issues for users who browse via mobile especially with video content. So, ditch Flash for jquery web design for mobile, especially for iPad because Apple’s OS is incompatible with it.

Our melbourne web design team at WPM Digital will be able to assist in converting Flash where possible into jquery that can be compatible with mobile phones.

We can also provide you with custom web design for mobile and tablets like the iPad to guarantee that your site is both mobile and user-friendly.

Mobile app and game development over the years

Mobile app and game development has risen in popularity and their numbers are rapidly increasing. There are thousands of new apps and games developed each day. The market is continuing to grow strongly in the area of mobile app development with more than 75% of the world’s population owning mobile phones. The app store is readily and easily accessible to users with just a few clicks. You can read customer reviews about a game or an app to give you a brief overview about their functionality and purpose. This is a very welcomed feature that has helped many users today.

Gaming developers on the rise

Graphics have also been greatly improved. Mobile Games that are made today are now filled with color and life compared to its limited and pixilated predecessor.  This opened a large window of opportunity to hundreds of game developers which enabled them to become more creative with their designs. This is why more and more people are easily drawn to the look and feel of our current video game generation. It is not only a joy to watch but also the experience is worthwhile and a must try for yourself.

As mentioned earlier, a growing number of individuals now have easy access to different iPhones and other IOS devices. A huge number of these groups are considered gamers and this is not surprising seeing how often several manufacturers incorporate different games for their phones. Whether it’s for casual or hardcore fans, mobile gaming has been widely received by the general public. We often see people spending their free time playing games on their phones or other gadgets and they seem to be enjoying every minute of it. This makes waiting in long queues, lengthy trips, extended transactions and the like a breeze. WPM Digital can provide development of mobile games melbourne if you require such a service.

Learning what mobile apps can do for you

Other mobile apps aside from games are also available for your leisure time. They are offered in different categories such as social media, photo editing apps, navigational maps, music and video player, sports, utilities, entertainment, travel and more. It is definitely a gold mine and you can find remarkable apps when you search them thoroughly. Trying random games and apps can also be fun since you will never know what to expect. Most of these applications can be tested free of charge because they are offering free trial. This can help you gauge their weakness and strength. Mobile app development is now a significant job worth mentioning and mobile apps Melbourne are widely available at WPM Digital.

Where to find help for your apps and games

If you are planning on having your very own game or that an app available in online stores but you are not very knowledgeable on how mobile app development works then you might want to seek the assistance of our iPhone app development studio in Melbourne. Doing this by yourself can take a huge amount of your time and there are many skill sets required. It is a sad truth that many potential game developers ended their dreams and projects way too early before it even started because of mismanagement and improper handling of their resources. However, you can reduce the chance of such unwanted events from happening if you seek the experts help. WPM Digital can provide you with iPhone app development Melbourne.

When it comes to Mobile games Melbourne and mobile apps Melbourne, WPM Digital proved to be very beneficial to many developers and businessmen alike. It is important to consider that a good mobile game and app should at least have their very own website which can help capture the interest and attention of online users. They are used for several game announcements, patches, fixes etc. with your apps and you can easily post them at your site. A good layout is one of the basic foundations of a website as it helps keep your content well organized and easy to read. This is where web design services are greatly appreciated.

You can find more services when it comes to iPhone app development Melbourne at WPM Digital. They are willing and ready to listen to your ideas and would like to help potential and prospective game developers release their very own games or apps. It can be very fulfilling to finally see your game and app released in the online stores. WPM Digital specializes in iPhone app development Melbourne and they have helped a huge number of people reach their dreams and ambitions. However, this is only the beginning and online users will expect more from you especially if they are satisfied with your current product.

Inquire for the services of WPM Digital and start planning for iPhone app development Melbourne. One should not feel reluctant of their services as they encourage people to follow their dreams. Risk is always involved though one will not be able to gain something if they are not willing or ready to make that much need sacrifices. Your great ideas will only stay in your head if you don’t share and spread it the world. iPhone app development Melbourne is widely known and seeking the assistance of WPM Digital will definitely go a long way in helping you create one. Call them today.

Creating an Effective Ecommerce Website

Creating and Maintaining a Conversion Effective Ecommerce Website

Starting from the 20th century, various technological innovations such as computers paved way for the invention of the World Wide Web. Since its invention, the internet has taken everything by storm. Almost every aspect of our society including communication, transportation and even commerce has changed in the way it is conducted. One of the biggest effects is in the business sector and in particular, the retail business sector.

A few years back, one could only shop at physical stores and malls. With the establishment of the web, shopping was taken online. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online retails stores selling a wide range of products.

An online retail store is usually in the form of an ecommerce website. Through the website, customers can browse through the available products virtually and then order whatever they want. The orders are then shipped out to the customer’s specified destination. This is however not something that happens automatically. The ecommerce website design and its functions has to be developed in such a way that it attracts visitors and converts them into loyal paying customers, and our web design Berwick studio can help. This article explores various ways of making an ecommerce website ideal for both prospective and existing customers.


This is the single most important aspect of any website. An ecommerce website design should be kept as simple as possible. When web users visit the website, they are not looking for a flashy or complex design but for simplicity and ease of usability. This is what will maintain your customers and create new ones.

The design of the website should be decided upon during the ecommerce website development stage. This is where you have to take into account your target audience, types of products being sold and brand image among other factors.

Target audience

Before any ecommerce website development takes place, you have to know and understand your target audience. This will help you to know what kind of emotions your website design and language should invoke in the prospective buyer.

Search function

This is another crucial aspect of an ecommerce website. The search function is the one used by visitors to search for certain products. The search button should be clearly visible on every page of your website and preferably at the top. This is however not enough; you have to go ahead and offer fine tuned search results. This means that visitors and customers should be able to access advanced search tools where they can narrow down their search queries.

Site navigation

As mentioned in the design aspect above, simplicity always wins. A simple design allows for flawless and efficient site navigation. Ensure that your visitors and customers have taken the least time and effort possible to find what they are looking for.

Images and Videos

The best and most effective way to sell products is through images and not just any images but high resolution ones. Since customers are not in a physical store where they can see the item, you have to provide the next best thing to real viewing. A high resolution image presents the product at its best and convinces the customer to buy it. If possible let the visitor zoom in on the image and also view other images of the same product from different angles.

You can even go a step further and add product videos. There is nothing that appeals to customers more than an interactive ecommerce website. With the videos, you can offer detailed product descriptions and how-to tips. You should however ensure that you have kept the videos short and to the point but still entertaining. Just like the images, the videos should also be high quality.

Product information

No one is going to buy what they do not know. For each product you are selling, provide adequate information about it. The information should be presented in simple and captivating manner. Ensure that it is not too technical for the prospective customer.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart is the holy grail of ecommerce websites Melbourne. It has to be visible at all times to the customer. Additionally, the buyer has to be able to view the items in the cart at any time. A drop down menu would be perfect for this. This will help the customers to keep track of their shopping.

Featured products

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes customers do not know what they want. It is therefore your job to suggest certain products to them. Putting some images of featured products on the home page of your ecommerce website, helps to jumpstart the purchase process.

Special deals and discounts

If you are carrying out a promotion where you are offering special deals, ensure that they are clearly visible. This will ensure that many customers and visitors notice them and take advantage. It will also attract more customers.


This is the most important part of the shopping process for both the buyer and the seller. It is where money and products exchange hands. The checkout page of your ecommerce website should be simple in terms of layout and free of distractions. Do not give links to other pages and websites or advertise other products. If you do so, you risk distracting your prospective buyer and you may lose out on sales.

Payment options

The most successful ecommerce websites Melbourne are those that provide a wide range of payment options. Do not limit the choices to credit cards only. This will give those customers who are wary about providing credit card information online a chance to make purchases.


One of the challenges that face online shipping is high shipping costs and shipping delays. They may keep many customers from shopping online. To avoid this you can make shipping free for purchases above a certain amount. Additionally, ensure that the shipping process is quick and efficient.


An ecommerce website is a virtual platform that should as much as possible, resemble a real shopping experience. This means engaging the customer throughout the whole process, providing a variety of options and most importantly easing the shopping process. Once this has been achieved, your website will achieve high customer conversion rates thus increasing your sales. Our web design Berwick studio can assist in ensuring all the above strategies are implemented and still provide you with a beautiful ecommerce website design.

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