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Why a Responsive Website is a Must-Have for Your Business in 2014

Most businesses operating in the 21st century are finding themselves in a post-PC world where the mobile devices are increasingly taking the role of the desktop computers. Go to any public place and you will find almost everyone flipping smartphones or tablets to do everything from reading emails to sending emails, reading news or even communicating via Skype. This trend means that an increasing number of consumers are also accessing the internet and websites via mobile.

This brings a new variable for companies that are building the web pages: they must take into account the different screen resolution sizes for the devices which consumers will use to access their web pages. This necessitates an investment in the responsive web design techniques which will render the websites uniformly different screen resolution sizes.

Because many businesses rely on their websites to generate leads, sales and also improve revenues, having a mobile responsive web design Berwick service enables consumers to expand their revenue base and tap broadly into those customers that access the internet exclusively using their mobile phones. This is particularly important in a market like Australia where the vast majority of mobile users target use smartphones. Getting a responsive website design Berwick that is design invariant is therefore one of the main prudent investments which you can make for your business.

What are responsive websites?

Responsive website design refers to a newly evolved technique of crafting websites that offers users optimal viewing experience on a wide range of devices that have different screen resolutions. The viewing experience of the responsive websites will be optimised for all devices including the laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets amongst others. The main advantage of these adjustments to the screen resolutions is that it provides an enhancement in the user experience irrespective of the screen resolutions of the devices used in making the website. An enhanced user experience is good for marketing your products and services and improving the branding prospects for your business.

The responsive websites are usually built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. The queries in the cutting-edge web development technology automatically detect the screen size and present and optimised web design Berwick solution that offers the best viewing experience. The main imperative for adopting the responsive design is to provide accessibility to the greatest number of users not only in Berwick but also in the greater Australian market.

The Responsive Design Advantage

The biggest advantage of the responsive web design is that it allows for a progressive or graceful adjustment of your website to multiple screen resolutions. Every user is therefore able to get the best viewing experience for your website. Looks matter and responsive design enables to get uniform rendering of the website on all devices. If your website is a sales or leads generation channel, then responsive design allows you to generate sales from multiple channels. Your Berwick website can therefore look good and function well across all devices.

Another significant advantage of going the responsive route is that it frees you from the need to build separate mobile sites or microsites specifically designed for mobile viewing. In the past, companies built lighter .MOBI sites dedicated to mobile viewing. Responsive design eliminates the need for this as the full-fledged design can gracefully adjust itself to provide an optimal viewing experience.

Everyone is adopting responsive web design

The “bandwagon effect” is not always a good justification for adopting something new but when it comes to the evolution of technologies, it helps to join the bandwagon. For the third year in row, the responsive website design techniques have remained as the top web design trends. Jumping on this trend will give you a massive competitive edge in your niche; at least if your competitors have not yet adopted the progressive enhancement principles in their websites.

Making your business websites mobile-ready

The best way to go mobile in this decade is by adopting the responsive design techniques. A good web design Berwick service provides custom design solutions that can help you build fully responsive websites or update the existing websites to give them a responsive format. In 2014, having a best practice is no longer an option but a best practice which you must put into consideration when looking for professional web design services.

Responsive Design is the Future of the Mobile Web

Using mobile-based sites such as the once popular WAP sites is like making use of the 1998 HTML in an age of the cutting edge HTML5. Many websites will be built in the coming years which will be mobile-friendly and they will all be based on the responsive design. This is why web design for businesses in Berwick is increasingly having the responsive component.

Five Web Design Tips To Make Your Website Simple Yet Unique

5 expert web design berwick tips

Websites are being launched in the thousands each day. However, a lot of these websites are easily forgettable, while some are downright unpleasant. So now, the challenge that each web design Berwick expert faces is how to create websites that are simple, yet unique. While there are hundreds of design tips available on the net, it all boils down to these five simple key points that you should never forget on your next project.

1. Focus On The Content

The reason why people go to your website is because they are in search for something. Whether it’s information, ideas, or a particular product or service, visitors are often after content when it comes to websites. They’re not there because they’re awed by your button hover animations, or because they’re tantalised by the flash animations on your home page.

When it comes to content versus visuals, stick to the 80-20 rule. The website should be 80 percent content, and 20 percent visuals. While visuals certainly help make a website more appealing to the eyes of the viewer, it should not in anyway impede their original purpose for being there. Flashy, active-X navigation screens might seem fancy, but if they break or the user’s computer doesn’t support such elements, it might prevent them from getting to the particular page they want.

The more elements your page has, the more time it takes to load each page. This is okay if you simply want to cater to people with high-speed internet connections and the latest hardware. However, loading times may take forever on slower computers, and if visitors have to wait for each page to load, they might leave and go somewhere else.

2. Spacing Is Important

One basic element in website design Berwick companies have is proper spacing. After all, you can’t just chunk in all website content into a page and expect it to work. Just like newspapers, layout is extremely important. Try to get the most important and essential elements (both content and visuals) into a page’s upper folds. Upper fold is what the viewer sees as soon as the page loads, without the need to scroll down.

Remember to pick only the most important parts. Just because the upper fold is important, doesn’t mean you have to cram everything in there. Give viewers the important parts and make them interested enough to scroll down. But remember never to overload your visitor with visuals or information.

3. Don’t Alienate Visitors

As a web designer, you may want to make use of flash controls, java scripts and other elements to make a page look more advanced. However, the more specific you get when it comes to page elements, the narrower your visitor pool becomes. This is because simple designs are guaranteed to work for all browsers and platforms, while advanced elements might look different, depending on the viewer’s browser or screen resolution. If you don’t want to alienate visitors you have to conduct tests on each browser, in different resolutions to make sure your website looks the same across all platforms. You may use a good web design studio in Berwick or other free tools that help check for platform inconsistencies.

You also have to think about your visitors. Some of them may be on slow computers or have bad Internet connections. Some may have outdated plug-ins on their computers. If so, most of your page elements may not even load for them.

4. Smooth Navigation Is The Key

Smooth navigation is an important aspect of web design Berwick or any busy city across the continent. All pages must have a direct link back to the main page, and all important pages must be accessible from the main page. For better click-through, make sure that related pages are linked together by placing related links at the bottom or side bar of each page.

Another thing that helps with smooth navigation is the search bar. Even if you efficiently link the pages of your website together, some users still prefer to use the search bar when they’re searching for a particular information. So make sure your search bar is up front and center.

5. Too Much Is Too Much

While there are page elements that can be beneficial to a website when used properly, other elements should be limited while others not at all. One element that should be used sparingly is images. Even if you own a photography blog, or an online shop with a product catalog, you must know how to use images properly. With product catalogs, remember to set the least number of items per page to decrease page loading times. Flash is another element that should be restricted in use, unless absolutely necessary.

Music, or background music in particular, should never be used. If visitors wanted to listen to music while viewing your page, they will have their own playlist on their computer. Even if you own a music website, this is a no-no. If you really must have music on your website, embed a music player on the page and never put it on autoplay.

While there are even more handy tips on web design Berwick available, these are the most basic ones. As you can see, the recurring theme for these five tips is simplicity. Keep your web page design Berwick site clean and simple. Sure, you can throw in something unique just to keep the website from being boring, but keep these radical bursts of “creativity” in check and you will do just fine.

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