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Creating an Effective Ecommerce Website

Creating and Maintaining a Conversion Effective Ecommerce Website

Starting from the 20th century, various technological innovations such as computers paved way for the invention of the World Wide Web. Since its invention, the internet has taken everything by storm. Almost every aspect of our society including communication, transportation and even commerce has changed in the way it is conducted. One of the biggest effects is in the business sector and in particular, the retail business sector.

A few years back, one could only shop at physical stores and malls. With the establishment of the web, shopping was taken online. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online retails stores selling a wide range of products.

An online retail store is usually in the form of an ecommerce website. Through the website, customers can browse through the available products virtually and then order whatever they want. The orders are then shipped out to the customer’s specified destination. This is however not something that happens automatically. The ecommerce website design and its functions has to be developed in such a way that it attracts visitors and converts them into loyal paying customers, and our web design Berwick studio can help. This article explores various ways of making an ecommerce website ideal for both prospective and existing customers.


This is the single most important aspect of any website. An ecommerce website design should be kept as simple as possible. When web users visit the website, they are not looking for a flashy or complex design but for simplicity and ease of usability. This is what will maintain your customers and create new ones.

The design of the website should be decided upon during the ecommerce website development stage. This is where you have to take into account your target audience, types of products being sold and brand image among other factors.

Target audience

Before any ecommerce website development takes place, you have to know and understand your target audience. This will help you to know what kind of emotions your website design and language should invoke in the prospective buyer.

Search function

This is another crucial aspect of an ecommerce website. The search function is the one used by visitors to search for certain products. The search button should be clearly visible on every page of your website and preferably at the top. This is however not enough; you have to go ahead and offer fine tuned search results. This means that visitors and customers should be able to access advanced search tools where they can narrow down their search queries.

Site navigation

As mentioned in the design aspect above, simplicity always wins. A simple design allows for flawless and efficient site navigation. Ensure that your visitors and customers have taken the least time and effort possible to find what they are looking for.

Images and Videos

The best and most effective way to sell products is through images and not just any images but high resolution ones. Since customers are not in a physical store where they can see the item, you have to provide the next best thing to real viewing. A high resolution image presents the product at its best and convinces the customer to buy it. If possible let the visitor zoom in on the image and also view other images of the same product from different angles.

You can even go a step further and add product videos. There is nothing that appeals to customers more than an interactive ecommerce website. With the videos, you can offer detailed product descriptions and how-to tips. You should however ensure that you have kept the videos short and to the point but still entertaining. Just like the images, the videos should also be high quality.

Product information

No one is going to buy what they do not know. For each product you are selling, provide adequate information about it. The information should be presented in simple and captivating manner. Ensure that it is not too technical for the prospective customer.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart is the holy grail of ecommerce websites Melbourne. It has to be visible at all times to the customer. Additionally, the buyer has to be able to view the items in the cart at any time. A drop down menu would be perfect for this. This will help the customers to keep track of their shopping.

Featured products

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes customers do not know what they want. It is therefore your job to suggest certain products to them. Putting some images of featured products on the home page of your ecommerce website, helps to jumpstart the purchase process.

Special deals and discounts

If you are carrying out a promotion where you are offering special deals, ensure that they are clearly visible. This will ensure that many customers and visitors notice them and take advantage. It will also attract more customers.


This is the most important part of the shopping process for both the buyer and the seller. It is where money and products exchange hands. The checkout page of your ecommerce website should be simple in terms of layout and free of distractions. Do not give links to other pages and websites or advertise other products. If you do so, you risk distracting your prospective buyer and you may lose out on sales.

Payment options

The most successful ecommerce websites Melbourne are those that provide a wide range of payment options. Do not limit the choices to credit cards only. This will give those customers who are wary about providing credit card information online a chance to make purchases.


One of the challenges that face online shipping is high shipping costs and shipping delays. They may keep many customers from shopping online. To avoid this you can make shipping free for purchases above a certain amount. Additionally, ensure that the shipping process is quick and efficient.


An ecommerce website is a virtual platform that should as much as possible, resemble a real shopping experience. This means engaging the customer throughout the whole process, providing a variety of options and most importantly easing the shopping process. Once this has been achieved, your website will achieve high customer conversion rates thus increasing your sales. Our web design Berwick studio can assist in ensuring all the above strategies are implemented and still provide you with a beautiful ecommerce website design.

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