5 Tips for Optimizing WordPress Websites for Search Engines

In this day and age, SEO is becoming a focal point for marketing efforts done by site developers. The opportunity to get ranked on Google and other major search engines will bring in more traffic. When developing a wordpress website, you should therefore take SEO into consideration. Below are SEO tips you can incorporate into […]

Top 10 Security Tips for WordPress Websites

With more than 20% of websites on the cyberspace running WordPress including a couple of Wordpress websites Berwick installations, security challenges are inevitable and Wordpress websites Berwick has today are generally the targets of numerous hack attacks. Many people who rely on Wordpress web design rarely make efforts to secure their websites. Often, the developer lacks the security expertise to implement […]

Top 10 Web Design Principles for Effective Websites

If you want your website to stand out among the rest, then you must embrace effective principles that web design Berwick companies observe. Since your website provides a connection between you and your online visitors, its usability is quite important. Therefore, how can you make your website more effective by implementing design principles? Here is how: […]

Why a Responsive Website is a Must-Have for Your Business in 2014

Most businesses operating in the 21st century are finding themselves in a post-PC world where the mobile devices are increasingly taking the role of the desktop computers. Go to any public place and you will find almost everyone flipping smartphones or tablets to do everything from reading emails to sending emails, reading news or even […]

Five Web Design Tips To Make Your Website Simple Yet Unique

Websites are being launched in the thousands each day. However, a lot of these websites are easily forgettable, while some are downright unpleasant. So now, the challenge that each web design Berwick expert faces is how to create websites that are simple, yet unique. While there are hundreds of design tips available on the net, […]

Optimise Your Online Performance with a Web Design Berwick Service

Welcome to the Berwick web design services portfolio. We have been a leading provider of comprehensive web design and development services for businesses in the Berwick area and the greater Australia. Customers come to us for our bespoke web design services for the local companies. Our staff is known for their versatility in working with a great […]

Hiring an Experienced Web Development Firm

Are you looking for web development in Berwick and are a startup or medium size business? WPM Digital is a Web development Berwick company that can rid you off the burden of hundreds of hours of code and design work. Whether you want a customised E-commerce site or a mini web application for your iPhone […]

Web Design for Mobile – Factors to Consider

Gone are the days of the fixed 960-pixel width for web design. The current market for computers, smart phones and tablets is a setting where a website is required to function in diverse screen sizes. For instance, the desktop is over 2,000 pixels in width while certain mobile phones are just 400 pixels or even […]

Mobile app and game development over the years

Mobile app and game development has risen in popularity and their numbers are rapidly increasing. There are thousands of new apps and games developed each day. The market is continuing to grow strongly in the area of mobile app development with more than 75% of the world’s population owning mobile phones. The app store is […]

Creating an Effective Ecommerce Website

Creating and Maintaining a Conversion Effective Ecommerce Website Starting from the 20th century, various technological innovations such as computers paved way for the invention of the World Wide Web. Since its invention, the internet has taken everything by storm. Almost every aspect of our society including communication, transportation and even commerce has changed in the […]

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